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Experienced mountaineer and long-term IODR supporter, Bob Bhania, is embarking on one of the most challenging expeditions in the world this April; climbing Mount Everest. Bob needs your support! Every penny you donate will go towards IODR’s intervention projects in Nepal, details of which can be found below.

Having trekked across the arctic to the North Pole just last year, Bob has scaled some of the highest mountains in the world, with 2015 also seeing expeditions to Kilimanjaro and Denali. This climb is particularly significant, as it will be the first attempt which has been made to reach the Summit of Everest since the devastating earthquake hit Nepal last April.

Carrying a weight of 50kg, and accompanied only by his Sherpa, Nima Kannchha, Bob expects to reach the Summit in the middle of May, and finish his descent in June. IODR is proud to be Bob’s beneficiary charity for this remarkable undertaking, and will be following his journey every step of the way, keeping him motivated with regular updates on his fundraising total. All of your generous donations, no matter how small, will go a long way to helping Bob reach his target, with his last trek raising an incredible £1million for charity.

Tony Matharu, Founder and Chairman of IODR, comments:
"Bob, we are delighted that you have chosen IODR as your beneficiary charity for your upcoming trek. We are immensely grateful for your gracious and challenging endeavours. We wish you a safe journey and look forward to hearing from you throughout the trip. Good luck!”

If you would like to keep up to date with Bob’s progress and follow his incredible journey, please sign up to receive the IODR newsletter here and follow us on twitter: @IODR_UK. Join in the conversation using #IODREverest

IODR’s Work in Nepal

Sri Kali Devi School, Pyutar

Pyutar is a village in the district of Lalitpur, south of Kathmandu. Much of southern Lalitpur is rural and quite poor, in particular in and around the village of Pyutar, which receives very little support and funding. IODR has committed to building a school here; capable of accommodating 450 students that will support four other neighbouring villages; an examination centre which is particularly important for girls to gain qualifications and who are not usually allowed to travel to Kathmandu; along with a training centre for local teachers. Depending on the final construction methods, tentative costs are estimated at approximately £150,000 for the project. In addition, permission has just been granted to create a college campus offering a select number of bachelor courses, probably in business studies and science which will be developed in the future.   

Shree Mahendra Bal Lower, Palubari

Located in the Kathmandu valley is the district of Palubari, another deprived area of Nepal where locals rely on schools to create a sense of community. IODR is supporting Shree Mahendra Bal Lower School in the small town of Sankhu, which was severely affected by the earthquake. Most of the classrooms were damaged, some completely unusable. With the support of IODR, the school has rebuilt three classrooms and a brand new kindergarten, all to a specification that will withstand future earthquakes. IODR's focus for Shree is to create a sustainable solution for the next generation, particularly girls, and to offer them a chance of equality and opportunity through education.