Kumar Sangakkara charity dinner 12th September 2015

12th September 2015 at the Grange St Pauls Hotel. More details coming soon.

Haitian Paralympic Team

The Grange Hotel’s charity, Indian Ocean Disaster Relief - IODR - assisted in the immediate aftermath of the Haitian earthquake with temporary housing. Grange Hotels have now been involved with supporting the Haitian Paralympians in their journey to attending the games, by assisting with fundraising, providing them with training equipment and kit, enabling these special athletes to compete in the ..

Murali Harmony Cup

The IODR Oval was built thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Indian Ocean Disaster Relief Fund (IODR) and Grange Hotels from the United Kingdom. The development transformed a hitherto barren sports field into a functioning cricket facility for local children with the addition of a large pavilion, toilets, astro-turf cricket nets, scoreboard, sightscreens, an improved outfield...

Global Poverty Project

I elected to spend my £5 on day one to cover the 5 day period. I regretted some of my food choices, but there’s no going back once its spent its spent!I found it difficult not to be able to choose what I fancied. Once I’d bought basics such as milk, bread, potatoes and carrots, I actually had nothing left to buy any luxuries such as salt,...

What our volunteers say

IODR was an amazing, eye-opening experience and one that I will never forget. Working with the children was so rewarding. I learned a great deal about how to better communicate and my teaching skills have improved substantially. It was fantastic to completely immerse myself in Sri Lankan culture and help such lively, enthusiastic...