Global Poverty Project - Helen's Story

I elected to spend my £5 on day one to cover the 5 day period. I regretted some of my food choices, but there’s no going back once its spent its spent!

I found it difficult not to be able to choose what I fancied. Once I’d bought basics such as milk, bread, potatoes and carrots, I actually had nothing left to buy any luxuries such as salt, herbs or stock so my homemade soup was very bland! You don’t realise how often you reach into your store cupboard. Many of the ingredients I bought were of poor “economy” quality or on sell by date. There was no fresh meat, fish or fruit let alone a glass of wine or sparkling water!

I am going to make sure I do this at least once a year just to remind myself how lucky I am and to think of those that don’t even have the benefit of £1 a day.

Its easy to make a donation to charity without thinking too much about it, by doing this it has really brought it home to me – food is a massive part of daily and family life.

I chose Indian Ocean Disaster Relief because all of the children at the centre are on the Government’s official poverty register, all direct family members in the Asian tsunami and IODR are making such an immense difference to all the children, not only feeding, clothing and nurturing them but also educating them and providing them with opportunities to look after themselves in their adult lives as well as providing medical and play facilities to assist them overcome the traumas following the tsunami. The children are used to living on less than £1 a day – every day!