The Indian Ocean Disaster Relief (IODR) was founded in early 2005 following the devastating Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004.

IODR was registered in the United Kingdom and continues to conduct all of its administration functions and fundraising from the UK and London. The charity does not employ any paid staff in the UK. Its administrative costs are absorbed by Grange Hotels, whose Managing Director is the founder and Chairman of IODR.

IODR’s inception was to provide emergency relief in the immediate aftermath of the Tsunami. Temporary shelters, lighting, food, blankets and medical supplies were all generously donated but it was soon apparent that this was only a fraction of what was needed to rehabilitate a region and its people from the devastating impact left in the wake of the Tsunami. 

IODR began to look at the country’s long term needs and in particular to the younger generation who would shoulder the responsibly in the years to come.

IODR’s aim today is ‘to measurably improve the well-being of children following natural and other disasters’. 

IODR’s work has expanded to building long term managed projects for the most needy and vulnerable children, including schools and community, welfare and education centres. Children are among the most vulnerable groups in emergency response situations, and they are always placed at the forefront of all IODR projects.

Please look at ‘What we do’ and ‘Where we work’ to find out more. Your support is essential to continue the great work that IODR are doing.