We believe that every child has the right to fulfil their ambitions and desires despite the devastating impact of natural and other disasters. As well as helping these children now, IODR’s work can help a region affected by disasters in the longer term; to become sustainable and responsible for their own future.

We observe the following values in everything we do:

1. Integrity and Honesty
2. Transparency and Accountability
3. Community Capacity with Best Practice
4. Equality and Respect
5. Universal Humanity
6. Environmental Consideration
7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
8. Responsible Development

Now our work is committed to supporting the people of Nepal following the 2015 Earthquakes, providing vulnerable children with education and safety from exploitation, comprising of:

A new school to educate up to 450 young children. Ensuring vulnerable children have improved access to education and protection that leads to productive, fulfilling lives. Education builds confidence, empowerment, strong relationships among children, the community and the environment in general to provide an essential base for a child’s continued learning and development, enabling qualifications and the opportunity for productive adult life.

A Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre (RVTC). Regrettably in the aftermath of natural disasters there are many vulnerable people, especially children, leading to an increase in child trafficking and exploitation. Human trafficking from Nepal to India has seen a 300% increase since the earthquake, with 60% of cases involving women and children being trafficked into sex slavery.

The IODR RVTC center will provide for girls who have been rescued from traffickers in order to rehabilitate and give them an opportunity for a new, secure life. Allowing them to develop confidence and skills, to sit exams and gain qualifications, it will also provide vocational training in the hospitality sector since tourism is of increasing value and importance to the Nepalese economy (now officially rated as Asia’s poorest country.)

IODR's aim is to intervene to support the vulnerable wherever the need. See ‘Where we work’ to find out more.