Corporate Support

We consider our corporate supporters to be our partners and the support they provide takes on many different forms; from traditional fundraising, to providing volunteers, pro-bono business expertise or the ‘opening of doors’ to other corporate supporters to raise awareness. To continue our work and to reach those who need our help the most, as quickly as possible, we need you. So please do get in contact with us on

If you simply wish to make a donation and want to know how this will be spent, below are some of the ways in which this will be done.    

£10 to Spirulina will correct severe nutrition for 40 children in a few weeks
£150 Bike for Life
£500 Provide vaccinations for 2,000 children
£590 Emergency Shelter Pack
£700 will buy brand-new uniforms and shoes for up to 200 children
£35 a month (£420 a year) buys a WCWEC stationary pack for 200 children
£45 a month (£540 a year) pays for a sports teacher and gives back the most disadvantaged children their right to play
£100 a month (£1,200 a year) pays for classroom teaching and other support
£120 a month (£1,440 a year) pays for a nursery teacher or a health care worker to work at the WEWEC and also carry out wider outreach work in the community
£150 a month (£1,800 a year) pays for a senior teacher to lead IT classes and English lessons
£6000 will feed up to 200 children for 6 months

If you want to talk to someone about becoming a partner or having IODR as your charity of choice, please email or call us below. 

For more information please contact:

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 828 0501